One of the first things I learned after getting to Gold…is to update my settings. Most of the references I found when I started looking stressed the fact that all of this will be subjective and you will need to find something that works for you.

I’ve added some screenshots and a few notes below.


In this category I think the most important items are:

  • Client Send Rate
  • Server Send Rate
  • Bandwidth Limit


In this category I think the most important items are:

  • Camera Shake OFF
  • Field of View
  • Distance
  • Height

The others are more about preference.


In this category I think the most important items are:

  • Steering Sensitivity
  • Aerial Sensitivity
  • Controller Deadzone
    • This one might be different depending on your controller.
  • Dodge Deadzone

Controller Bindings

The only change I made was adding Air Roll Left to the X button on my controller. I use a Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma and mapped the button to M1 on the top of the controller.


This one is going to be different based on your setup.


This will be dependent on your hardware. If possible use a higher framerate. I use a monitor with G-Sync so I don’t need vertical sync here.


This article is as much for me to use as a reference as it is for all of you to help hone your settings. Let me know if you recommend anything difference or want me to try out yours.

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