So far my impressions are positive. I’ve had the iPad for about a week and the keyboard for less time. The typing experience is positive and I’ve grown accustomed to it quickly.

Navigation takes a little getting used to as I don’t have a touchscreen computer. I find myself reaching for a touchpad or mouse when I first jump on the device.

Real-World Productivity

So far I’ve found a few free text editors to get some testing in and the experience has been a good one. There are plent of useful workflow apps to make programming on the go a real possibility.

I can see using the setup to be productive on the go when I want travel light. Once I’ve spent some time with some apps, I will put together a list of everything I end up using.


I see this setup as a real option for development and workflow. I have the 4g version so I have access anywhere I go. That mixed with my vpn and VNC/MSTSC makes a quick and easy console option as well.

Let me know how you are using yours or if you have any questions about my setup in the comments below.

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