That’s right. If you have been looking for the underline or justify option within WordPress you won’t find them as of the 4.7 release.


It turns out that Andrew Ozz who is the main dev working on the TinyMCE editor in WordPress had it the items removed from the tool bar. He explained his reasoning to be that the underline option can confuse website users when navigating your site and misinterpret underlines as links or broken links on your site. As for the justify, he went on to reason that it had more to do with browser compatibility and interpretation.

What can I do?

Of course, the changes came as a shock to more than a few and some resilient developers came up with a few options for restoring these potentially widely used features.

Re-add Text Underline And Justify

Maybe the easiest and lightest option to just resolve this feature change would be to add the helpful plugin Re-add Text Underline And Justify to your site to restore native functions; so far so good in my testing.

Once installed, you will need to actually add the buttons back in and you can do this in the Dashboard under Settings > Writing. Select from the four options available.


So things change but it’s nice to know that your friendly neighborhood developer can always help you stay in the past with a quick plugin. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this change…get it? Don’t get it?

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