A Compiled Version Of FoundationPress With CSS Files

I was looking everywhere for a copy of FoundationPress that was pre-compiled because I hadn’t jumped into sass or scss or any of the modern workflows yet. I’ve been using JointWP (css version) which I love and have used in a few projects so far but a few of their notes are outdated for updating Foundation versions. I’m sure it’s because the project owner is working on a new version.

So I followed all of the instructions for getting NodeJS, NPM, Git, xamp and everything else necessary working on my Windows 10 PC so that I could finally compile my own copy of FoundationPress. It’s 1 am here and I just couldn’t wait to share the files incase anyone else is looking for a copy of the project with the CSS files ready to go. I will most likely keep this up-to-date as I will probably be using this for a few projects until I really learn saas. I will also offer a guide to setting everything up on Windows 10 and potentially Linux when I have a chance so that you can learn how this all works as well.

Download FoundationPress CSS Version


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