My name is Christoph and this is my website SDATIC. I’ve been into tech for a log time. My first experience with a computer was in my home when my Dad brought home an 8086 based “IBM Compatible” with a straight green screen. The first software I experienced was called KinderComp and yes I was pre kindergarten.

Who am I

Since then computers have been a daily interaction and a progression of tri-color screens and caring about baud rates to building dynamic applicationsĀ  and managing complex networks. I assembled my very own computer with a 10MB hard drive with my Dad when I was 8 and have been chasing the tech ever since.

My college degree is in Network Engineering and I’ve worked in Network Operations as well System Administration. I moved into development by running my own business and hitting the ground running building theme based WordPress websites for clients while constantly teaching myself in the technologies I was interested in and that seemed like a good fit for my future as a developer.

I’m currently a full-time Full-Stack developer and complete freelance projects on the side. I love developing, I love working with clients to build useful products and I love the balance I’ve found in all of it along the way.

What is SDATIC

This website started as a sort of notebook to remind myself of things that I spent time researching so that I didn’t have to spend the time again. It’s been working and I get quite a few hits to the site. One of the ideas I had recently was to add a section that talked more about my experiences I’ve had as well as advancements and setbacks I’ve had as a developer. I’ll speak more candidly about things I’m working on and learning than the write-ups I do in other sections.

I want to talk about things that have gotten me here and things that happened along the way. I hope to share philosophies that I live by that you might be able to learn from. And I hope that you might share as well if something stands out to you!

This site is always going to be a work in progress so pardon the dust along the way.



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